Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

To your future wife -

Dear beautiful creature,

Please don’t let his quaint eyes fool you and his captivating smile enthral you. He is a liar, a beautiful, mysterious soul with no direction and no anchor. He is a lover with one too many faces and a charming mask for a disguise. He, like me, has been broken and wounded by the war of love, when things turn too bitter and you have to walk away, yet you’re still standing there, letting the bullets pierce your chest. . He too has bled and with shaking hands walked away from love. But let that not fool you.

He is a liar, a beautiful, mysterious soul that shall devour yours and fill your stomach with butterflies that will slowly die; and their remains will forever rattle in your body, poisoning your mind with thoughts of him and your dreams with visions of what it could have been.

Run! Run as far away from him as you can and never look back! There will be nothing but ruins behind you.

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Seahaven - Honey Bee (x)

when two people love each other and can’t make it work, that’s the real tragedy. Gone Girl (via ilostmyheartatsea)

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asdfgghjcrt said: lol you never reply on skype :P? you seeing my messages?

sorry, baba. I’ve been busy :)

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Anonymous said: Who is he, how did he enthral you so much you are still hurting, you are so pretty and nice??

He broke me. He’s somebody that once meant the world to me. Thank you very much, sunshine! Just please, tell me who you are. This goes out to all the Anons inboxing me. Just, please, tell me who you are.

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